The tank manufacture (2002) was AGI Enviro tank and its capacity is 136000 litres max. Specification is UCL/ORD-C142.22 contained vertical steel above ground tank assembles for combustible liquids and is double walled. Metal thickness is 7.9mm for...
December 01, 2017 • AGFT • News
AGFT has moved. Our new location is 3715 - 56 Avenue East, Edmonton International Airport - Edmonton, Alberta, T9E 0V4
June 01, 2016 • AGFT • News
We now offer VK inspections and meter proving in accordance with Industry Canada and Measurement Canada legislation. Please contact one of our service centers for more information. Edmonton, AB: (780) 890-7551 or Cambridge, ON: 1-877-960...
June 01, 2016 • AGFT • News
AGFT is profiled in the BC Aviation Council's February member newsletter. We hope to see everyone at the upcoming BCAC Airports Workshop and AGM April 29th and 30th in Kelowna.Click to read the February issue
March 02, 2015 • AGFT • News
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