AGFT combines more than 50 years of aviation refueling experience that is committed to designing you the perfect system. Whether you are looking for a standard refueling cabinet or building a full tank farm, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

AGFT's industry relationships let us provide customers with a full book of technical and field experience needed to ensure all designs and components will meet or exceed current environmental and safety codes/standards.

We offer full product life-cycle capabilities; from system design and construction to installation and certification.

Our ability to manufacture systems in-house allows us to provide greater customization options to our customers. 

AGFT currently has a 136,000L tank for sale!

The tank manufacture (2002) was AGI Enviro tank and its capacity is 136000 litres max. Specification is UCL/ORD-C142.22 contained vertical steel above ground tank assembles for combustible liquids and is double walled. Metal thickness is 7.9mm for the bottom/roof/shell. Last cleaned and inspected May 2014 and will be due again in May 2019. No floating suction; suction pipe draws from 1 foot above tank floor. 1 input and 1 output pipes with 4” flange connectors. Tank has 1 low point sump and utilizes a Moorman Level Gauge Kit in cm for gauging product depth. Tank has 1 emergency vent and one pressure/vacuum vent on tank top.

 Sale Price: $49,000

For inquiries please contact us at 1-877-960-AGFT (2438).  

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